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ONE LOVE | WA-0004

Size: 1 Piece:
Small: 30cm x 21cm
Medium: 42cm x 29cm
Large: 54cm x 38cm
X-Large: 100
cm x 60cm
*sizes may vary slightly

An elegant priece called One Love. * Please note, sizes may vary slightly

Shipping UK:
Normally £1.99 Standard Rate. FREE Delivery for orders over £99.

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Avaliable Colours:Black, Grey, Green, Red, Hot Pink, Silver, Gold, Turquoise, Orange, Brown, Yellow
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edge   Small: £5.99
30cm x 21cm

X-large: £26.99
100cm x 60cm

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Medium: £9.99
42cm x 29cm

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  Large: £16.99
54cm x 38cm
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