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    Corporate and Trade Wall Art      

hotel_lobbyMango Art supplies artwork for corporate events, television, hotel receptions, music events, offices etc. Corporate discount available on request. Each can be tailored to your requirements incorporating branding, promotions etc.

If the artwork is to be placed in a public place, we can also provide trade or corporate clients with secure fixtures and fittings to ensure the artwork can not be removed from the wall.

All our canvases are matte varnished to ensure your artwork is also protected from dust and moisture which allows our prints to be displayed in a large variety of places.

Mango Art is unique in having a very wide customer base as the products suit many different business segments. Mango Art receives large amounts of orders from varying sectors, including contracts for corporate organisations such NSC Global, Beijing Olympics, Van Mildert, alongside the breadth of other clients who require art work for their business office or own homes.

If you would like to discuss this further or to request an order form, please contact us via our contacts page.

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